Eastland Multicultural Community Garden
Dec 4, 2019

Melbourne’s Eastland has seen the success of its Multicultural Community Garden blossom as part of its continued partnership with local members, with the 32-plot garden footprint set to expand.


The Eastland Multicultural Community Garden provides a safe and welcoming space for people from all backgrounds within the Ringwood community to come together to plant and grow vegetables and other crops, participate in gardening activities, socialise and enjoy a communal garden space.

Garden plots are allocated to low-income locals who are unable to grow edible plants at home, and who can participate in working bees to maintain the site.

The Eastland Multicultural Community Garden provides a friendly, communal space for the community, with most of the members living in Ringwood and its surrounding suburbs.

Eastland Community Relations Manager Jodie Murphy said that the Centre was proud to provide a space for the community to socialise and enjoy gardening together.

“We are proud to host the space for the Eastland Multicultural Community Garden, which is a fantastic place for members of our local community who would otherwise not have the chance to enjoy their own freshly-grown produce to come together to garden, socialise and make new friends in a safe and inclusive environment,” Ms Murphy said.

The Eastland Multicultural Community Garden was established in 2015 and is structured as an Incorporated Association, with members responsible for its management through a management committee.

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