VIDEO: Behind the scenes with Funlab's Blaise Witnish
Nov 23, 2022

Retail Revolutionaries is a new documentary series from QIC profiling the people and brands that are having an outsized impact on the Australian retail landscape.


In our first episode, Blaise Witnish takes us behind the scenes of Funlab and shares how she approaches her role as the company's chief growth and innovation officer. 


Few businesses have disrupted – and supercharged – the Australian retail environment quite like Funlab. From its Holy Moly mini-golf courses and augmented-reality darts bars to a world-first ‘challenge room hotel’ venue, the Melbourne-born group is committed to reinventing immersive entertainment for our times. Funlab’s ever-growing portfolio is bringing energy and colour to urban centres up and down the country – including several QIC destinations. Watch to find out how, in Blaise's experience, a solid innovation framework can stimulate both individual and organisational success.


Stay tuned for more instalments in 2023.