Tenant Portal
What is the Tenant Portal?
The tenant portal is a digital platform that allows tenants to manage their relationship with QICRE. This mobile responsive design will allow you to create a profile, manage store information and promotions and receive centre information.

Key Features


When you log-in, you are presented with a dashboard that summarises your activity across all tenancies and shopping centre websites.

Store management

Update information about your store/s either national or locally.

Identity management

You can create a tenant profile, which is assigned to the brands and stores that you manage. National tenants can quickly toggle between brands and stores to update information for multiple tenancies.

Correspondence & notifications

Receive communications from centre and facilities management through the tenant portal.

Events, offers & articles

You can create events, offers and articles to promote your store/s.

Responsive design

The tenant portal is a mobile responsive application, that allows you to control your relationship with QICRE from a mobile device.

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